Monday, 11 January 2016

Power of focus and Orion- the sleek, compact clutch!

When a household runs well and gets its rhythm, there cannot be a better place a home. The same can be said of the workplace. When plans click and growth occurs, there can never be a happier company.

Veterans would tell, it takes a lot of focus to get things moving- at home and at work.

Mrs. Shah- a seasoned consultant for several leading companies fully stands by this. He says one can easily see the grains from the chaff, by applying this technique.

Mrs. Shah has employs a short-cut for this. She asks the question- how well organized one is? Her take is, the more one is organized – the better is the focus.  On sensing focus levels of companies, she employs her own measures. 
But, on the personal front- she vouches by the ORION – a leather clutch from iprotectworld.

Mrs. Shah shares her reasons-
- ORION comes with ample compartments and space for storage
- Its heart is roomy enough to take
- Keys – of home, car, office cupboards’, etc
- Cards - Debit / credit, photo IDs
- Important slips – such as Bills, notes
- Phone and its accessories

There are rarely days when Mrs. Shah has forgotten her things. She says, her personal / official belongings remain secure – and she profusely thanks ORION for this.

More importantly, Mrs. Shah stores her personal notes too in her ORION. She says she writes things down and ORION takes the pressure off her. Pressures of both remembering the to-dos as well as carrying her notes.

Needless to say, she stays focused – both at home & work.

Mrs. Shah isn’t alone in this discovery. Many women in India are discovering the utility of ORION and the way this clutch can transform their worlds.

After all, isn’t focus a key trait to success in these stressful times of ours!
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fontana- The Multi-purpose clutch

We live in times where the expectations are sky high and the bar gets risen often. So “more” is becoming the new norm.

For instance- buyers of wrist watches want their gadgets to more than show time. Watches are now showing altitudes, atmospheric pressure, directions, etc. Also, Phones have long since gone beyond their brief. Today frankly none uses a phone to talk alone. Phones play music, show videos, help browse and a whole bunch of tasks- not to mention the apps they bear.

Fontana – Multi-purpose clutch for modern times!

Iprotectworld - Fontana fully reflects the changing times we live in. In fact, it is crafted for the modern women- made for their work places as well as social gatherings.

Smitha is a woman of modern times. She works as a Team Lead in a leading company; she has ~40 people working in her team. She travels quite frequently as part of her job. Her personal side is even more demanding. Her family comprises 4 members- her hubby Ravi is a Vice President in an MNC. Her 2 kids – both in their teens – are in school.

Smitha takes her daily challenges by her stride. On the work front, she has learnt how to delegate work and thus makes herself dispensable keeping her second-line managers in loop.
Her family however needs her in full.

Smitha tells her secrets of success as-
         1. Having a journal for to-dos
         2. Maintaining a calendar for each fortnight
         3. Having a FONTANA by her side

Smitha vouches for Fontana owing to its attractive features-

- Ample space for cash and personal items
- 12 credit / debit card slots
- Partition with zip pocket for added privacy
- 1 Inner sleeve pocket for safety
- Well-crafted side-folds in vibrant red; for convenient access and greater storage
- Contrasting stitch for classy look
- Rear side mobile pouch made of flocked fabric; gives a velvety character –
  makes your mobiles scratch free; can take-in a 6” mobile
- Detachable strap – to convert it into a sling instantly
- Nickel-coated, rust-resistant rings– deftly placed– so that it stays a clutch
  when not on strap. And becomes a sling if strapped
- Saint Gobain mirror – for better reflection and durability
- Proprietary, anti-theft-&-spill locking mechanism
- Man-made leather

Added benefits-
- Soft to handle and easy to carry
- Ideal for modern women
- Made for her work & social life

Smitha has found her way with managing her hectic lifestyle.
As a busy and modern woman, perhaps you too may want to try organize your life with Fontana!

You can get one for you through this link

Friday, 18 December 2015

20 Traits of a Gentleman

Grandfathers and fathers often tell us a lot about how much close they come to the cult of real-men.

They yearn and long for such men's thoughts and deeds, especially when they see how the modern man carries himself around - i.e., young man living in modern times.

Traits they 
often talk great about are-

     1.     Reading the classics
     2.     Dressing for the occasion – each time
     3.     Considering others – putting themselves last
     4.     Appreciating talent in others
     5.     Caring for aged and young ones
     6.     Respect for women
     7.     Remember one’s roots
     8.     Patronize sophistication – as in genuine leather goods, watches, friendships, etc
     9.     Keeping a diary
   10.  Remembering landmark dates
   11.  Not forgetting names of those who care for you
   12.  Look at people for what they are and not where they come from
   13.  Religiously pursuing a hobby – such a playing an musical instrument, collection of stamps / coins, breeding pets, etc
   14.  Donating for a cause
   15.  Look at the positives / blessings even in a hopeless situation
   16.  Make sincere efforts and pursue the dream
   17.  Not demotivated by slips / failures
   18.  Being original
   19.  Travel and see new places / people
   20.  Sharing things – even those things which are dear to them

Those fine men lived by such credo. And they carried their credo close to their hearts.

Times may have changed now.
But that needn’t have to take a toll on our being part of a band of gentlemen.

And the good thing is- it is never late to live by such lofty beliefs.

This article is part of a fine-living series from - the tasteful online leather store.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Orion - The sleek & compact clutch

Orion - A sleek & compact clutch.

Priya is one of those college girls whom everyone likes to be around with. It's not that she spends too much on her friends. Her popularity mainly comes from her cool attitude, which she fully compliments with her clothing & accessories.

Priya fully knows that, the need to wear your social collar is on a high in these dynamic times. Women like Priya acknowledge as well as respond well to this need in an intelligent way.

So what do they do?
Some ideas from Priya-

- Wear a smile that can reveal your confidence
- Get into some comfortable and pleasant clothing; clothes that help carry your image well. So dress it up, keeping your social side in mind
- Hang out with cool friends; that's fairly simple isn't it :)
- Be seen with accessories that underscore your social flavor - Comfy footwear, smart leather clutch
are some ideas

On the smart leather clutch- there's something more to add.
Check out- "Orion". This is a sleek leather clutch designed and made to up modern women's social quotient.

Orion is designed with compactness in mind, signified by smart usage of space. This Clutch is also high on privacy. A separate zip-locked compartment and an added storage sleeve - decked way inside - pump up its privacy factor.

Phones - of upto 5" - can rest well inside the comforts of Orion.
The added storage above its phone-store area further lends beauty as well as space.

The magnetic button ensures easy locking. Anti-spill design of the lock prevents spillages or accidental drop of clutch's contents.

So Priya vouches for Orion's hep and cool attitude. She does so, because it fully matches with her verve and energy.

You may know more on Orion on

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fontana - The modern women's ultimate clutch!

Women never had to multi-task as our today's women do.
Take Anita's life as an example.
Anita lives in the modern city of Gurgaon with her family. Family has 4 members - she, her hubby and 2 kids - aged 9 and 4.
She is a proud owner of a prestigious apartment in the heart of Gurgaon. Her maid helps on all household chores.
As a working mother, Anita at times thinks she needs more. More hands as well as more than 24 hours to multi-task. Her avatars are of mom, wife, friend, neighbor, boss, colleague and a lot more.
Anita says- she keeps forgetting stuff almost every day. Especially on her professional-side. She narrates an unimaginable day when she went on an office trip - forgetting her phone!
Now- Anita says she is a relaxed woman. She thanks iprotectworld's Fontana for that :)

Why? Find out more here-

-Ample space for cash and personal items
-12 credit / debit card slots
-Partition with zip pocket inside for added privacy

-1 Inner sleeve pocket for safety
-Well-crafted side-folds in vibrant red; for convenient access and greater storage
-Contrasting stitch for classy look
-Rear side mobile pouch made of flocked fabric; gives a velvety character – makes your mobiles scratch free; can take-in a 6” mobile
-Detachable strap – to convert it into a sling instantly

-Nickel-coated, rust-resistant rings– deftly placed– so that it stays a clutch when not on strap. And becomes a sling if strapped
-Saint Gobain mirror – for better reflection and durability
-Proprietary, anti-theft-&-spill locking mechanism
-Exquisite and specially designed with man-made leather

Above all-
The clutch is soft to handle and easy to carry. These attributes makes it an ideal companion for modern women such as Anita. After all, Anita gets the most of her work and social lives without forgetting the essentials. And she can't stop thanking Fontana for that :)

Use this link to buy a FONTANA for you or to gift it to a loved one-