Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fontana- The Multi-purpose clutch

We live in times where the expectations are sky high and the bar gets risen often. So “more” is becoming the new norm.

For instance- buyers of wrist watches want their gadgets to more than show time. Watches are now showing altitudes, atmospheric pressure, directions, etc. Also, Phones have long since gone beyond their brief. Today frankly none uses a phone to talk alone. Phones play music, show videos, help browse and a whole bunch of tasks- not to mention the apps they bear.

Fontana – Multi-purpose clutch for modern times!

Iprotectworld - Fontana fully reflects the changing times we live in. In fact, it is crafted for the modern women- made for their work places as well as social gatherings.

Smitha is a woman of modern times. She works as a Team Lead in a leading company; she has ~40 people working in her team. She travels quite frequently as part of her job. Her personal side is even more demanding. Her family comprises 4 members- her hubby Ravi is a Vice President in an MNC. Her 2 kids – both in their teens – are in school.

Smitha takes her daily challenges by her stride. On the work front, she has learnt how to delegate work and thus makes herself dispensable keeping her second-line managers in loop.
Her family however needs her in full.

Smitha tells her secrets of success as-
         1. Having a journal for to-dos
         2. Maintaining a calendar for each fortnight
         3. Having a FONTANA by her side

Smitha vouches for Fontana owing to its attractive features-

- Ample space for cash and personal items
- 12 credit / debit card slots
- Partition with zip pocket for added privacy
- 1 Inner sleeve pocket for safety
- Well-crafted side-folds in vibrant red; for convenient access and greater storage
- Contrasting stitch for classy look
- Rear side mobile pouch made of flocked fabric; gives a velvety character –
  makes your mobiles scratch free; can take-in a 6” mobile
- Detachable strap – to convert it into a sling instantly
- Nickel-coated, rust-resistant rings– deftly placed– so that it stays a clutch
  when not on strap. And becomes a sling if strapped
- Saint Gobain mirror – for better reflection and durability
- Proprietary, anti-theft-&-spill locking mechanism
- Man-made leather

Added benefits-
- Soft to handle and easy to carry
- Ideal for modern women
- Made for her work & social life

Smitha has found her way with managing her hectic lifestyle.
As a busy and modern woman, perhaps you too may want to try organize your life with Fontana!

You can get one for you through this link http://goo.gl/9K1va3

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