Saturday, 12 December 2015

Orion - The sleek & compact clutch

Orion - A sleek & compact clutch.

Priya is one of those college girls whom everyone likes to be around with. It's not that she spends too much on her friends. Her popularity mainly comes from her cool attitude, which she fully compliments with her clothing & accessories.

Priya fully knows that, the need to wear your social collar is on a high in these dynamic times. Women like Priya acknowledge as well as respond well to this need in an intelligent way.

So what do they do?
Some ideas from Priya-

- Wear a smile that can reveal your confidence
- Get into some comfortable and pleasant clothing; clothes that help carry your image well. So dress it up, keeping your social side in mind
- Hang out with cool friends; that's fairly simple isn't it :)
- Be seen with accessories that underscore your social flavor - Comfy footwear, smart leather clutch
are some ideas

On the smart leather clutch- there's something more to add.
Check out- "Orion". This is a sleek leather clutch designed and made to up modern women's social quotient.

Orion is designed with compactness in mind, signified by smart usage of space. This Clutch is also high on privacy. A separate zip-locked compartment and an added storage sleeve - decked way inside - pump up its privacy factor.

Phones - of upto 5" - can rest well inside the comforts of Orion.
The added storage above its phone-store area further lends beauty as well as space.

The magnetic button ensures easy locking. Anti-spill design of the lock prevents spillages or accidental drop of clutch's contents.

So Priya vouches for Orion's hep and cool attitude. She does so, because it fully matches with her verve and energy.

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