Monday, 11 January 2016

Power of focus and Orion- the sleek, compact clutch!

When a household runs well and gets its rhythm, there cannot be a better place a home. The same can be said of the workplace. When plans click and growth occurs, there can never be a happier company.

Veterans would tell, it takes a lot of focus to get things moving- at home and at work.

Mrs. Shah- a seasoned consultant for several leading companies fully stands by this. He says one can easily see the grains from the chaff, by applying this technique.

Mrs. Shah has employs a short-cut for this. She asks the question- how well organized one is? Her take is, the more one is organized – the better is the focus.  On sensing focus levels of companies, she employs her own measures. 
But, on the personal front- she vouches by the ORION – a leather clutch from iprotectworld.

Mrs. Shah shares her reasons-
- ORION comes with ample compartments and space for storage
- Its heart is roomy enough to take
- Keys – of home, car, office cupboards’, etc
- Cards - Debit / credit, photo IDs
- Important slips – such as Bills, notes
- Phone and its accessories

There are rarely days when Mrs. Shah has forgotten her things. She says, her personal / official belongings remain secure – and she profusely thanks ORION for this.

More importantly, Mrs. Shah stores her personal notes too in her ORION. She says she writes things down and ORION takes the pressure off her. Pressures of both remembering the to-dos as well as carrying her notes.

Needless to say, she stays focused – both at home & work.

Mrs. Shah isn’t alone in this discovery. Many women in India are discovering the utility of ORION and the way this clutch can transform their worlds.

After all, isn’t focus a key trait to success in these stressful times of ours!
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