Friday, 18 December 2015

20 Traits of a Gentleman

Grandfathers and fathers often tell us a lot about how much close they come to the cult of real-men.

They yearn and long for such men's thoughts and deeds, especially when they see how the modern man carries himself around - i.e., young man living in modern times.

Traits they 
often talk great about are-

     1.     Reading the classics
     2.     Dressing for the occasion – each time
     3.     Considering others – putting themselves last
     4.     Appreciating talent in others
     5.     Caring for aged and young ones
     6.     Respect for women
     7.     Remember one’s roots
     8.     Patronize sophistication – as in genuine leather goods, watches, friendships, etc
     9.     Keeping a diary
   10.  Remembering landmark dates
   11.  Not forgetting names of those who care for you
   12.  Look at people for what they are and not where they come from
   13.  Religiously pursuing a hobby – such a playing an musical instrument, collection of stamps / coins, breeding pets, etc
   14.  Donating for a cause
   15.  Look at the positives / blessings even in a hopeless situation
   16.  Make sincere efforts and pursue the dream
   17.  Not demotivated by slips / failures
   18.  Being original
   19.  Travel and see new places / people
   20.  Sharing things – even those things which are dear to them

Those fine men lived by such credo. And they carried their credo close to their hearts.

Times may have changed now.
But that needn’t have to take a toll on our being part of a band of gentlemen.

And the good thing is- it is never late to live by such lofty beliefs.

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